Those who like teapots should not miss it!


Presumably, friends who like tea must have a common pursuit, which is to have a favorite teapot. But what is the good thing about the purple clay pot? Few people say why you should use the purple clay pot for tea.

First of all, it must be because of the structure of the purple clay pot, the mouth is small, the cover is tight, and the inner wall is rough. This structure can effectively prevent the scent from being lost prematurely. In addition, the purple clay teapots that have been used for a long time will also be "pasted". The inner wall of the purple clay teapots that have been used for a long time will have a layer of brown-red tea rust. Generally speaking, the time is proportional to the thickness of the tea rust, so the later flushing The stronger the flavor of the tea leaves. There is even a saying that a purple sand teapot that has been used for decades can taste the taste of tea with just boiling water.

Besides, the small bubbles inside and outside the purple clay pot have great effects. The small bubbles on the inner wall are filled with uncirculated air, and the air is a poor conductor of heat, so the internal heat preservation effect of the purple sand pot is very good, and at the same time, it will not be hot to touch the outside.

Finally, there are tiny pores inside the entire tissue, which are breathable and impermeable, and have a strong adsorption capacity, which is completely incomparable to other general materials. It is precisely because of this that the fragrant fragrance in the tea can be kept volatilized, which has the effect of convergence and sterilization. This is the reason why the so-called "overstay in midsummer is not bad".

Now I know the benefits of purple clay pots. Let's talk about the identification of purple clay pots. How do we as lovers choose?

The current standards for appraising the quality of a purple clay teapot are summarized as the following five words "mud, shape, work, style, and work" scores:


As a handicraft made by craftsmen, the superiority of the material must be very important for the purple clay pot, regardless of the craftsmanship. Many experts related to ceramics in modern times have analyzed the raw materials of purple sand and found that they all contain iron oxide components. There are many clays containing iron oxide components, but most of them can only produce purple clay. Through this, it can be found that the most important thing in purple sand is "sand".

This unique advantage has long established the superior position of the purple clay teapot, and the feeling of the different raw materials is also very different. Therefore, the criterion for judging the quality of a purple clay pot must first be the "clay" in the raw materials.


The shape of the purple clay teapot is the most abundant of all kinds of utensils, and it has been praised as "the square is not the same, the round is not the same". The social function of art is to meet people's psychological needs, since there are various psychological needs. Everyone has love and cannot be forced. There are many traditional styles of purple clay teapots left over in history, such as stone peach, well fence, monk hat, ball, eggplant, solitary ling, plum chun, antique, etc., which are the only outstanding ones left over after the era of scouring. From today's point of view, the works are still shining and shining, and they are different from one person to another.


The shaping technique of the purple clay pot is also very rigorous. Points, lines, and surfaces are the basic elements that make up the shape of the purple clay teapot. During the shaping of the purple clay teapot, it must be clearly explained. The face must be light and light, and the hair must be hairy; the line must be straight if it is straight, and the must be curved if it is curved; if it is square, it must be square, and if it is round or round, there should be no ambiguity. Otherwise, it cannot be regarded as a good pot. According to the special requirements of the shaping process of the purple clay pot, the spout and the handle must be absolutely in line, and the weight must be balanced; the spout and the lid must be tightly combined. This is also a requirement of "workers", and there is no room for sloppiness.


This is the pot style. Appreciating the meaning of the purple clay pot has two layers: the first layer means to identify the author of the pot, or the author of the inscription on the poem. The other meaning is to appreciate the content of the inscription, the engraved calligraphy and painting, and the printing. The decorative art of purple clay teapots is a part of traditional Chinese art. It has the distinctive features of the four-in-one integration of traditional Chinese art: "Poetry, Calligraphy, Painting, and Printing". so. In addition to the mud color, shape, and craftsmanship of a purple clay pot, there are many other aspects such as literature, calligraphy, painting, and gold and stone, which can bring more beautiful enjoyment to the pot viewers.


The so-called "gong" refers to the functional beauty of the pot. In recent years, new products of purple clay teapots have emerged one after another, like the stars are dazzling. When it's more exaggerated, you can make all kinds of strange shapes. It is understandable to appreciate it from an artistic point of view, but it ignores the particularity of the purple clay teapot. It is not only an artwork that can only be seen from a distance, but also a concrete practicality. Many pot makers may not have the habit of drinking tea themselves, and they do not understand some details in the tea culture, which directly affects the use of the functions of the purple clay pot, and may even appear to be "not suitable for use". Therefore, in addition to the shape, don't forget the original purpose of the teapot when collecting teapots.

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