The purple clay teapot has white attachments after being boiled. What is the reason?

Buy the purple clay pot, usually you need to open the pot,
but there are many ways to open the pot. Sugar cane tofu is even
more nonsense. Don't try this method.

Open the teapot and cook the teapot. Many novice friends buy the teapot
back and cook it in the pot. After it is out of the pot, there is a
white substance on the surface of the teapot. Asking what happened to
Tingting, it looked incredible, as if they had encountered a fake
teapot, but In fact, this is not the case. In this case, there are
often the following reasons:

After I bought the teapot, I put it in the pot and boiled it without 
washing it. We all know that when the teapot is burned in the kiln,
the mouth of the teapot and the lid of the teapot should be covered
with white sand to isolate and prevent the high temperature from burning
The lid is glued to the mouth of the teapot. Dust during the firing of
the kiln may cause this situation. So before boiling the teapot, it is
best to clean the teapot first.

There is another situation. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium 
ions. When the teapot is boiled, calcium carbonate is easily formed and
precipitated. The purple sand teapot has the characteristics of double
stomata, which is easily adsorbed on the body of the teapot, thus
forming a white substance.

Most teapot friends are caused by this situation. At this time,
it is difficult to wipe clean with a damp cloth. You can wipe a little
bit of vinegar on the teapot. Vinegar is weakly acidic and can dissolve
calcium carbonate. After wiping, rinse with boiling water to avoid
absorbing the smell of vinegar.

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