The characteristics of making tea in a purple clay pot

1. The double-layer stomata characteristics of purple sand determine 
that it does not take away the fragrance of tea, and the fragrance does
not loosen. It can perfectly display the original flavor of tea, and it
can be used to make tea with all the color and fragrance.

2. Zisha teapot can absorb tea juice, after long-time use, it can 
produce a more mellow taste when making tea, and even if it is filled
with boiling water in an empty pot, it has a tea fragrance. This is
impossible for glasses or bowls!

3. Strong adaptability to rapid changes in cold and heat. In the 
twelfth lunar month of winter, you don’t need to worry about sudden
changes in temperature and bursting with boiling water. The heat
transfer of sand is slow. No matter you hold it, it will not be hot
like a glass porcelain pot. In winter, it is a good thing to warm your

4. Making tea overnight is not bad. It can greatly delay the 
deterioration of tea soup, which has been proved by countless folk
tales and scientific experiments.

5. A variety of minerals and trace elements in the purple sand mud 
have a health care effect on the human body.

Zisha has double pores, which is incomparable to other tea sets in 
terms of air permeability. Also, because Zisha mud is composed of
mineral elements and contains many trace elements required by the
human body, it can play a good health maintenance while making tea!

Therefore, Zisha is also known as "the top of tea utensils"! It is
now the first choice for many tea-drinking friends!

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