Tea originated in China


There is a saying in China that says, "Open the door to seven great things: firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea". Tea is very important in the life of ancient Chinese people, is indispensable in daily life, is today, there are many Chinese retain the habit of drinking tea, a day without tea there is no spirit.

When the ancient Chinese people married with tea as a gift, called "tea", also known as "tea", "tea" and "tea hire",there is an idiom called "three tea six hire", marriage must have three tea six employment, for "three tea" in the first tea, called "hired tea". After checking the gift book correctly, the parents of both parents nodded in recognition of the marriage, and after the tea was settled began to jointly determine the "welcome book".

 Wang Xifeng and Lin Daiyu joked in the novel Dream of Red Mansions and said,"Since you have drunk our tea, why don't you treat our family as a daughter-in-law?" ”

 Why is "tea" included in the wedding customs? This is because tea is not portable, if transplanted, tea seedlings will not live. So "tea" is a symbol of firmness, which means that loyalty in marriage is unshakable. The ancients certainly wanted a stable marriage, not a divorce.

  The origin of tea is China, but when did Chinese start drinking tea? Lu Yu, a literary man of the Tang Dynasty, said in the Book of Tea:"Tea is a drink, and it's from Shen Nong's." "Who is Shennon's?" Shen Nong's is Yan Emperor, is the leader of the Jiang family name tribe in ancient Times of China, the no.

  Shen Nong's is a mythical figure, too old, some untestable. In fact, tea was first used as a sacrifice, but from late spring and autumn people eat as a dish. In the middle of the West Han Dynasty, tea developed into medicinal. To the late West Han Dynasty, tea developed into a court drink, the general public is not able to drink. It is after the West Jin that the Chinese people drink tea.

 It is an indisputable fact that tea originated in China, and the remains of the earliest artificial cultivation of tea have been found at the Tianlushan site in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, which has a history of more than 6000 years.

 Originally, only Han Chinese in China drink tea, and then tea spread to the Western Region, Liaoguo, Xixia and so on. Song Dynasty to Liaoguo, Xixia's year-old Gong has tea this one, to Xixia tea is 20,000 pounds a year. Nomads eat beef and mutton is not easy to digest, daily life is very much in need of tea.

 China's tea spread abroad, more than two thousand years ago. Around the fifth century A.D., during the North and South Dynasties, Chinese tea began to spread to Southeast Asian countries and other Asian countries.

 Tea was first spread to Japan, around 806 A.D., Japan's most Cheng Zen master, sea and air Zen master to study in China, back to Japan on the return of tea seeds to try to grow. The Japanese drank tea better than Chinese, and they invented the "tea ceremony"and regarded tea as a culture.

 Later tea spread all over the world, the world not only like to drink Chinese tea, but also many countries have learned to grow tea, fried tea. Westerners drink tea and Chinese different, they want to add sugar and milk to the tea, in fact, we now often drink "milk tea". The English also invented "afternoon tea"while drinking tea and snacking.

 Tea also affected American history, triggering the Boston tea-pouring incident, some people think that "Boston tea-pouring incident" is the trigger of the American War of Independence.

 At that time, North America was a British colony, the British financial shortage, in order to solve this problem, the British enacted the Tea Tax Act, the British East India Company controlled the tea sales in North America at that time, resulting in the North American local tea merchants can not make money, North American tea prices were manipulated, the people of North America are angry.

So there was the "Boston Tea Dumping Incident ", in which North Americans dressed as Indians sneaked into merchant ships and dumped a whole shipment of tea from the East India Company into Boston Bay .

 (To put it about it, pouring such precious tea into the sea is a real waste of resources.) )


 Then the North American War of Independence took its first shot at Lexington, the American War of Independence began, and finally the United States broke away from British colonial rule and became a nation. It seems that tea has really changed American history.

Tea is not only popular all over the world, become an indispensable part of people's lives, but also played a great role in the development of world history.

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