Mr. Zi-Zisha teapot: Why do you say that Zisha teapots serve one tea with one teapot?


The purple clay teapot has stood at the top of the tea ware because of its unique double pore structure and its unique charm and full of ancient meaning.

Those pot shapes in various poses have gradually evolved into classic and eternal shapes through the continuous evolution and development of history.

As for Zisha, there have always been pot friends asking Mr. Zi the question, why do they say that Zisha teapots should/should serve one tea in a pot.

In fact, there are two problems here, let's talk about them one by one.

First of all, let’s talk about one pot serving one tea. In fact, many pot friends should pay more attention to this issue. Why do you all say that one pot serves one tea? Is it true, or do you want to.

Then let's take a look at some of the characteristics of Zisha. We all know that the reason why Zisha teapots can be distinguished from other appliances is the double pore structure. This structure not only produces breathability and impermeability.

It is also the main reason why the purple sand in our hands can be formed into a patina.

Our purple sand is formed by sand and flesh, and the flesh between sand and sand fills up the flesh, thus forming a form that looks like a unity to the naked eye.

The two are like particles and particles. The individual particles have open pores and closed pores. Between the particles, there are quartz, hematite, mica, etc., which are melted at high temperature and gradually fill each individual Between the mud particles.

Then through a series of techniques such as needles, the two particles can be breathable, but the water cannot pass through.

Then, it will be said that our adsorptivity is precisely because of the double pore structure of the purple clay teapot. The purple clay teapot will slowly absorb the iron ions and tea fragrance in the tea soup into the inside of the body of our purple clay teapot, and then slowly Penetrate from the inside to the outside of the pot.

This also caters to the reason why some of our old pot friends, tea addicts and no rations, can taste the fragrance of tea after pouring the pot of boiling water in, which is due to the adsorption of our purple sand.

So why can't one pot serve one tea? To give a simple example, you use a bowl of braised pork that has just been eaten or you often eat braised pork with a bowl of radish soup, but I can be 100% sure that your radish soup will definitely have the taste of braised pork.

If you don't pay attention to these, then there is absolutely no problem, but we drink tea to nourish the mind and nature, and second is the taste of tea soup. If the taste of tea soup is mixed, then it is better to drink boiled water.

Let's talk about another point, is it necessary to serve a pot of tea?

This actually means, the state of mind, what we play with the pot is a state of mind, and what we play is an emotion. It is not good if we restrict ourselves too much. It is our truth to do whatever we want and to return rashly.

Combined, if you don’t want the taste of your tea soup to affect you, then you can choose to serve one tea in a pot. If you really don’t want to do this, then you must take the time to clean the inside and outside of the pot.

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