Light luxury tea set-Purple Clay Teapot


Now that everyone’s living standards have improved, they pay more attention to the quality of life, and more and more people fall in love with tea. So how to choose the best tea utensils is a problem that everyone cares about. As the first choice for many tea lovers, Yixing purple clay pot has the irreplaceable advantages of other tea utensils. The most worth mentioning is the natural double pore structure in the mud. Of course, there are many factors that determine the value of a purple clay pot. Please listen. I will come one by one~


  1. Mud

The quality of the mud directly affects the taste of the tea and the quality of the pot. The raw ore Yixing Zisha refers to the mineral from Huanglong Mountain in Dingshu, which is also called Benshan material. In the past ten years or so, the price of raw mineral materials has skyrocketed, especially some rare materials, such as the bottom trough of No. 4 well, the green, azure mud, etc. After all, the scarcity is the most expensive. Zisha mine is not renewable and reusable, so the mud will only become less and more expensive. There are also some muds with very low yield, once they are burned, they can only feel a pity.

Zisha teapot

  1. the molding process

A hand-made purple clay pot is a series of steps such as manually tapping the mud pieces, then connecting, enclosing the body tube, making the lid, and placing the spout of the pot. Half-hand refers to the aid of tools to form. Both locomotives and grouting are not advocated by Yixing Zisha Culture, nor are they true Yixing Zisha pots. To make a full-handed purple clay pot requires the author to have strong modeling experience, aesthetics and cultural background. The pot must be energetic and have a shelf.

Purple Clay Teapot


The difficulty of making different types of utensils is also different, such as the locals often say "one party is worth ten yuan", "a flat one is difficult to one" and so on. The recognized pot types that are difficult to make are: pass stove, monk hat, circus plate, etc., and some more complicated ribs and flower wares, which require a lot of energy from the craftsman and are extremely time-consuming.



In other words, what we call "style", the teacher's background, market recognition, and the level of professional title will also affect the price of a pot. The general titles from low to high are: arts and crafts artist, assistant arts and crafts artist, arts and crafts artist, senior arts and crafts artist, and researcher-level senior arts and crafts artist. But the title does not represent everything, and some folk artists who have no title make the purple clay pots are very beautiful and outstanding. Don't be too fanatic about the title.

Master production

All in all, clay is small but expensive, difficult to form, and it is not easy to make pots in thousands of pot styles. It is practical and has artistic value and carrying capacity. So everyone knows why Yixing purple clay pots are so expensive.

Okay, share it here today, if you have any questions, please feel free to speak in the comment area ~


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