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There are many ways to open a pot, but Jiuxiang Zisha believes that it is advisable to follow the natural method of raising a pot. For example, using a pot to make tea is to allow the tea oil to reach the surface of the pot through the pores of the purple sand from the inside to the outside. In this way, the tea leaves are put into the pot, and the outside of the pot is clean water. Using the knowledge of physics, it can be known that the osmotic pressure generated by the density of the tea in the pot is greater than the density of the clear water outside the pot, and when the pot is heated, the tea is forced into the pores of the purple sand to flow into the clear water outside the pot.

Opening the pot, as the name suggests, is to start using the pot, which is the basis for the subsequent raising of the pot, and also the beginning of the fun of playing the purple clay pot. The purpose of opening the pot is to remove some of the muddy smell and impurities of the purple clay mud, and also to remove the fine dust that blocks the pores of the purple clay pot. Jiuxiang concludes that opening a pot usually has the following steps:

1.Scrub the dust on the surface of the pot, and rinse the inside and outside of the purple clay pot with water;
2.Wake up the pot, rinse the body with boiling water, and let the hot water flow through the pores of the purple sand pot to unblock it;
3.After repeated several times, clean up and pour out the water, and let it stand for 15 minutes;
4.Pick the tea you want to make in this pot, put it in the teapot for 30-60 minutes, let the purple clay pot absorb the tea soup, the purple clay pot and the tea finally meet at this moment.

In fact, opening a pot is not as complicated as many circulated on the Internet using sugar cane and tofu to open a pot. We should have confidence in the purple clay pot we choose. There is no need to use quick success, because after opening the pot, the purple clay pot needs more The company of our pot owner. Before using the new pot, use a brush to remove the remaining kiln sand and ceramic debris in the pot, and then wash it inside and outside with clean water, and finally use the tea that you need to brew frequently in the future to put it in the pot and brew it back and forth several times, or if you are particular about it Just put the tea in the pot for an hour and a half to an hour, and then you can use it.

After opening the pot, the process is to raise the pot. Raising the pot is patience, and there is no quick way of quick success. The rumored methods of opening the pot with a lot of brains make people laugh.

Regardless of whether the pot is raised internally or externally, every detail must be carefully, but every detail can also be a kind of enjoyment. The true pot lovers never put the pot on the shelf, but make the tea frequently, wipe it frequently, and organize it easily so that it does not accumulate moisture, keep away from dust and oily smoke, and often rub the pot body.

After using it for a long time, the purple clay pot shown in the picture below will be as delicate and moist as the jade, giving people a simple and peaceful aesthetic enjoyment.


As for drinking tea well, it is not too particular about the form. You only need to have a quiet space, drink alone, or sit around with your confidantes, and slow cooking and frying is best. A pot of boiling water, half a handful of tea, soak it calmly and calmly, let the body and mind relax, and look for the long-lost elegance. Full of irritability, full of mundane affairs, can't make good tea, and can't keep a good pot.

Today, with economic development as an indicator, our slogan is fast and efficient, and we can’t wait to do this so that we can do several things at the same time in a limited time. Life became a high-speed machine, nailed to the wall, and became a cold program.

In fact, many people pursue "fast" in order to better enjoy "slow". Unfortunately, many people blindly fast, lose the ability to slow down, sacrifice the aesthetics of life hidden under the slowness, and make ingenuity and hand-made this way. After the words suddenly came into sight, I was shocked.

Tanizaki Junichiro described Chinese jade in "The Praise of the Shadows": "The debris of Chinese culture accumulates in this thick cloud... The touch of hands for years and months will polish one place. The body fat is refreshing. , Ice-cooling wind current, filthy and elegant." Those touches all the year round, those tasting teasing talks, and the daily life constructed by them are the most absorbing. Drinking tea gives a broad world, and raising pots also raises mountains and rivers. How can there be so much earth-shattering? Dao Lai is nothing but ordinary.

Tea beards are served quietly, and the pot has to be raised slowly. The purple sand pot that we love in the center of our hands begins to live with us. We sip tea together, daze, watch, and reverie. Jiuxiang feels that being with the pot is the most lasting and also The most affectionate company.

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