How long does it take for a purple clay pot to grow a pot to produce an effect

Many teapot friends are confused in the process of raising teapots. 
Why can't my teapot be raised, or the rate of change is very slow. Here is a question.
How long does it take to raise a teapot to see the effect?

In fact, there is no uniform standard for this issue.
The purple sand teapot made of stale purple clay takes a very short time to grow,
while the duan clay is obviously difficult to grow,
but once developed,the color and luster are very beautiful.
Some mud is very inconspicuous when it comes out of the kiln,
and it changes immediately after a few soaks,
and the entire color will be obvious.

Generally, the teapot is soaked once a day, 
and the surface of the teapot will change slightly in about a month,
which is a more moisturized feeling; fter one year of cultivation,
the lusterof the body will be darker, which is dark and energetic.
The light is obviously different from the new teapot;
after threeor five years of cultivation,
the teapot will grow more calmly,
with the same internal and external colors;
the longer the time, the whole teapot may reveal a different spirit

The fun of the purple sand teapot is in the process,
and the result is just a presentation.
Raise slowly, patiently, and raise it for a lifetime,
and experience the different flavors of a purple sand teapot in different periods.

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