Five short stories of purple clay teapot- The mythical tea dirt


In the 1980s, there was an old lady in Hangzhou sitting on the street holding a black purple clay pot. A foreigner saw this pot and chatted with the old lady. The old lady said that the pot seemed to be passed down from grandpa's generation. At that time, the foreigner was very interested and said that he would like to buy this pot for one thousand yuan. Early the next morning, the old lady fully agreed.

The old lady was so happy. When she returned home, she felt that the teapot was too dirty, so she quickly washed it from the inside out and packed it properly. The next day, when foreigners came to pick up the goods, they waved their hands and said, "Is it wrong?" After the old lady talked about washing the pot, the foreigner regretted it and said that I just wanted the pot you had yesterday. It will be worthless if you wash it clean.

It turns out that after long-term tea in a purple clay pot, a thick layer of tea stain will form on the inner wall. It is a chemical substance containing phthalates, which has anti-cancer effects, and even if you don’t put tea leaves, you can make a pot of good tea, and The older the age, the higher the value.

[Note]: In fact, tea stain is caused by the oxidation reaction of tea polyphenols in tea and metal substances in tea rust in the air, including cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other metals and nitrous acid Salt and other substances harmful to the body will adhere to the smooth surface of the teacup. Tea dirt enters the body with the tea, and combines with the nutrients such as protein, fat and vitamins in the food to form insoluble precipitates and hinder the absorption of nutrients. At the same time, these oxides entering the body can cause neurological and digestive system diseases and dysfunctions, and even cause premature aging of the human body.

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