Five short stories of purple clay teapot- Fate


There used to be a talent who was poor at home, but he especially liked tea. One day, a fortune teller pointed to his beloved purple clay pot and told him that this purple clay pot would be broken by wood at noon one day.

The talent didn't believe it. When it was almost noon one day, he put a table on the open area of ​​the yard, put the purple clay pot on it, and waited for noon.

It happened that someone in the neighboring village asked him to write the couplet. Because he was urgently needed, he had come to remind him a few times, but the scholar said that he must wait until noon to see how the wood conquered the soil before going. His wife was very angry and scolded, "There is no rice at home to cook. If you don't want to help others write couplets and earn some money, you will face this teapot all day long!" Angrily, she picked up the wooden pole used to dry clothes. Smashed the purple clay pot.

At this time, it happened to be noon!

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