Five short stories of purple clay teapot-Beggar's Purple Clay Pot


Once upon a time, there was a big rich man who liked to drink tea very much. Anyone who came to his house to drink tea, whether rich or poor, as long as he came, he would be happy to entertain him.

One day, a beggar came, not to beg for food, only to beg for tea. Seeing this, the next person hurriedly let him come in and pour him a cup of tea. The beggar took a look and said, "Tea is no good." Seeing that he understood, the servant hurriedly changed the tea. He sniffed it and said, "The tea is good, but the water is not good. I need spring water from a certain place." Knowing that he has some intentions, he hurriedly fetched the spring water that had been reserved for a while before making tea. The beggar took a sip and said, "Water is good water, but firewood is not good. The firewood needs to use firewood from a mountain on the dark side. The firewood on the sunny side is loose, and the firewood on the dark side is tight and hard." , And please come out master.

After the tea was served again, the master and the beggar drank a cup each. The beggar said: "Well, this time the tea, water, firewood, and fire are all ready, but the pot is not good." The master said: "This is the best pot I have." The beggar took out a pot from his arms and let it The servant re-made a pot of tea, and the taste was really extraordinary. The master stood up and said, "I would like to buy your pot for as much money as you want." The beggar emptied the tea quickly, put the pot away, and left. The master hurriedly stopped and said, "I would like to buy half of the family property and want your pot." The beggar didn't say anything, but just wanted to leave. The master was anxious and said, "I would like to buy your pot with all of the family property." The beggar laughed when he heard it. Said: "If I am willing to this pot, I won't be where it is today.

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